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S-Allerton Trust Farm tiles

Tile pressure transducers


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SRFP-Groundwater Observation Wells

This Collection is designed to hold a range of information associated with the 6 observation wells at the Sangamon River Forest Preserve. Datasets within this collection will correspond to data from individual wells. Files within each dataset can include pressure transducer data, data on manual water level measurements, and information related to water levels or the collected data files. In addition, information regarding the geologic materials observed during drilling or geophysical measurements may also be included in individual datasets within this collection.

IMPORTANT: The transducers used at this well nest included both vented and absolute pressure transducers. The vented transducers were part of the USGS Real-time network, reflect observed water levels, and have been checked and passed by the USGS QC procedures prior to inclusion in this Collection. The other transducers are unvented, and measure absolute pressure at the transducer. The measurements need to be corrected using the barometric pressure from this site, in order to accurately reflect water level above the transducers. Atmospheric data are available in one of the Datasets in this Collection. Transducer data should be parsed by calendar year. Check file names, README files and metadata to confirm transducer type and observation times for any downloaded file.

Campbell Scientific

Information related to the automatic collection of Campbell Scientific data logger files.

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