S-River Bend Weather Station (CZO_RB1)

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Site #149 Location: 40°10'49.1" N -88°26'00.0" W Site/Logger Name: CZO_RB1 Date deployed: 09/15/2016 Sensors: PYR pyranometer, ECRN-100 rain gauge, VP-4 RH/Temp/AtmP, LWS leaf wetness, and Davis Cup anemometer. DS-2 sonic anemometer was used from 09/15/2016-2/22/2018. Logger(s): METER Group EM60G, SN: 06-01883 (06/14/2018-current) Decagon EM50, SN: EM20692 (used 04/30/2018-06/14/2018) Decagon EM50G, SN: 5G106588 (used 09/15/2016-04/30/2018) Measurement Interval: 1-min Data collected: solar radiation (W/m^2), precipitation (mm), relative humidity (%), temperature (*C), atmospheric pressure (kPa), LWS minutes wet (min) and count, wind speed (m/s), wind direction (degree), and maximum wind speed (m/s)


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